Ignite and Launch Society
Ignite and Launch Society
Jennifer Jones

To be epic you have to master the matrix of fundamentals

Join me for a tactical interactive experience when you’re actually ready to fly.

What is it?

Let me save you thousands on masterminds or coaching programs. 

Most of them are total BS. I know because I've done them. 

Before you can be epic you have to master the matrix of fundamentals. 

Better than anyone else. 

No half assing allowed. 

Join me for a tactical interactive experience when you’re ready to ignite.  

Then we launch the missile of your business straight into your target audience and IGNITE the power of YOU.

Who is it for?

This program is designed for network marketers who understand what uncapped income means and desire to get the most out of their business. 

You can be new to the business or an industry veteran. 

You will benefit. 

You can be stalled out or in the top 1% of your company. 

You will benefit. 

There's no denying my tactics work. 

I just don't like sharing them that much. Until now.

What you get...

Intense tactical training on the basic to advanced stuff everyone gets WRONG.

Painfully wrong. So so very wrong. 

You will also learn from my personal accountant, wealth manager, bookkeeper, athletic trainer and health coach, and former Launch Code guests who are top earners at various companies. They are here as experts in the field of beauty, wellness, CBD, nutrition, fat loss, supplements. fitness, and aesthetics.

You will build engines, activate booster rockets, and orbit. This is done through activities, videos, and absorbing and responding to  my constructive criticism. 

We take it on the chin around here. You may not know me yet, but you will learn. You're paying for this so it's my duty to galvanize everything in your stratosphere.

If what you're doing isn't giving you everything you want and more, we are gonna change it. 


Start today and have immediate access to the first 6 engines & 8 booster rockets! Those 6 engines will get you through the ignite and launch phase. Booster rockets give you move fuel to catapult your business higher! New Booster Rockets are launched every couple weeks and are always action focused to take you higher and higher. 

Whether you're new to the industry, an established veteran, or a top earner. You can always launch again. I will show you. 

Two more booster rockets will come out monthly to refine, tweak, or pivot. This will continue all year!!!

These engines and rockets are action focused.

No theory based coaching. You will think, practice, and perform. 

They involve assignments, video, market research, and presentation techniques to get you exactly where you need to be. 

You’re going to work! This isn’t a passive set it and forget it offering. 

We are going to build something magnificent, together. 

And bring a lot of others along too. 

We will lead with the business on every interaction and then fall back into selling. 

Trust me, this works. Like a charm. Let's fly.

Who am I?

I spent 20 years of my life in recruiting and sales, but I didn't spend all that time rotting in thousands of hours of education for nothing.

I am taking decades of training and encapsulating it for you in a simple digestible format. Things you can actually execute. $hit that will make you BETTER, faster, stronger. More resilient. 

Income producing activities, constantly moving the business forward. 

 Always, tweaking, evolving, advancing. 

I don't know how to stall out and you aren't allowed to, either.

Everything is packaged for you to plug and play for your specific network marketing company.